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the Agile Leadership Challenge

Free webinar with John Hermarij

Humanity is facing unprecedented challenges. Organisations and their leadership have an important role to play. But not senior management alone. Agile leadership is needed in any level of our organisation. Are you up to the agile leadership challenge?

  1. What’s agile? 
    That’s a good question on which answers not all agree.  
  2. What is leadership? 
    That’s a good question too, with slightly more agreement on the answers than the first question. 
  3. So, what is agile leadership
    In this webinar you listen to one of the many answers. 

 John Hermarij will share his own, challenging, opinion. For John, someone is an agile leader when he (or she) makes other people more agile! Meaning being able to adapt to disruptive change. 

In addition, we want to become agile or nimble for a reason! Agile can never be the goal. That is why organizations do not have to spend large amounts of money to go through an agile transition. The transition they need to have is learning to dance with change. Whether this comes from market, virus, or climate, the skill remains the same. In this seminar you will learn what that means. 

This is a webinar especially for people who work in an organization that is struggling with how to achieve a more and adaptive way of organizing. 

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