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About Dhirata

Strength in project management

Dhirata is a Sanskrit word which means strength. We believe in the strength of pragmatism, and based on that vision, we train and provide guidance to organisations in professionalising their project management.

Furthermore, we believe in the strength of people, and we therefore use the experience of our customers, opinion leaders in project management and, of course, the participants in our training courses, to determine the way we advise and train.

When you look at our logo, you see three unbroken bars, which stand for our knowledge and experience in, and with, project management. That is our foundation, the ground on which we stand. These are followed by three open bars, which stand for the spreading of this knowledge and experience in the world of organisations. With a little imagination you can see a cornfield in it. We sow knowledge and experience in organisations, through our Consultancy and our training courses, and, in turn, these organisations can reap a rich harvest of successful projects.

Dhirata, your supplier in project management professionalisation!

We specifically focus on project management and everything else connected with it in the sense of professionalisation and improvement. When we started in the year 2000, we put our vision into words as follows:

We are here to provide the world with a better form of project management.

At that time, this seemed an ambitious remark, which hugely overestimated us. Nevertheless, since then we have provided training courses not only in the Netherlands, but also in Egypt, Greece, Nigeria, Oman, the UK and Switzerland.

The answer to the question, which is the better form of project management, is: pragmatics! As well as our vision in the field of project management, this is also how we provide service to our customers. Looking pragmatically for the solution that fits.

Dhirata employees

Our trainers and consultants all have lengthy experience as project managers, consutlants and/or trainers. Therefore, it is inevitable that due to their practical experience, they use a pragmatic approach. Even though they are well-schooled in the theory, they are more practically oriented people than theorists. With much enthusiasm, they share their experience with the people they give guidance to.

Contact information

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The Netherlands

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