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Adaptive Practice

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The 21st century has its own roaring twenties, that are characterized by a high degree of uncertainty. That is why it is important to develop the competence of ‘adaptive practice‘. This is the theme of this course. This training course prepares you to function effectively in complex situations. 

  • When you are the only member of a team or organisation taking this course, you learn a number of techniques to detect changes and react before others do. Although it will come by surprise you will not be caught by it. 
  • When you follow this course as a department or team, you learn to respond more effectively to changing circumstances or requirements of senior management. Your team learns to deliver a continuous flow of value to its environment. 
  • When you as an organization allow many employees to participate in this course, you build a truly agile operating organization.   

The course combines a variety of insights: 

This is how you learn to: 

  • Give meaning to unexpected events 
  • Evidence based entrepreneurship 
  • Quickly respond to changing circumstances 

The course consists of eight half-day virtual classroom sessions in a Microsoft Team environment. You also get access to the Dhirata eSchool with supporting material. Together with the other participants you work with your own examples and those of the other participants. Because of this, you immediately benefit from it in your work. 

The course starts with a minimum of four participants. If more than one participant from the same organisation registers, we apply a discount of 10%. 

Fee: € 1.950 per participant