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Project Management and Consultancy

Projects themselves are not an objective, but serve to change an organisation, enabling it to achieve its strategic objectives. We advise on setting up an organisation to work with projects, such that these provide a more predictable contribution to the desired changes.

Project Management Training

We have a whole range of project management training courses, examples of which are:

Pragmatic Project Management or IPMA.

Pragmatic Project management

We have a pragmatic vision on organising and collaborating.

We believe that pragmatic project management can make a difference. Imagine that in your projects you only use those techniques and skills that are practical, and have been proven to contribute to success. So, never a method just for the sake of the method itself, but because it works in the environment it needs to work in.

In our eyes, this is nothing more than logical.

Pragmatic then means, for example, that reports are never a goal in themselves, but lead to the improved running of the project, instead of being a hindrance to it. Does this mean just improvising without reason? No, because before you can be pragmatic, you need to have a broad knowledge and project management skills, in order to assess which approach is workable in any given situation.

Based on the large collection of skills and techniques available, we shall work with you to look for the better practices of project management for your organisation.