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There are many definitions for the two concepts project and programme, and just the fact that there are different names, shows there is a distinction. For Dhirata, something is a project or a programme, if you want to call it that, and we follow you in your view of it, and look for the best approach. Above all, we are pragmatic in our approach to project management, and we fit in with our customers’ perception of the environment. We then look at those processes, techniques and skills required to effectively and efficiently manage what you call a project or programme.

Deliberately, we do not enter into the discussion with regard to the proper definition of project management, and although we provide training courses in specific project management standards, we always work on the assumption that you have to tailor these to the project and the environment in which you will be carrying out that project. Not every project is of the same type and size. Again, it is ultimately about successful projects and not the correct wording.

Together with you, we develop a clear vision of what project management is, and how you should develop this competence within your organisation.