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Tailoring & Coaching

Tailored training courses

The Dhirata trainers all have both an in-depth and extensive knowledge and experience of project management, and therefore, we can state with confidence, if it is not yet available, then we shall develop it, as long as it is related to project management. An alternative option is that we develop training courses for you that you can let your own trainers deliver. We develop the training, train your trainers and you then get the material on a licenced basis. If required, we can also maintain the material for you.

Practical Coaching

The real learning takes place in everyday practice. We offer the following two services, which support this practical learning:

  • Individual practical coaching
  • Practical intervision

Individual Practical Coaching

Our practical coaching is designed to support the person being coached in his role as project manager. In consultation, we determine the learning objectives you expect from the coach. This can be a sounding board function, but also putting forward ideas related to the problems within the project.

Practical Intervision

Practical intervision is similar to coaching, but with the difference that it involves inter-collegial coaching, under the guidance of an intervisor, who, of course, is also an experienced project manager. During one of the number of one-day intervision sessions agreed beforehand, the participants investigate each other’s behaviour and learn from each other. Where necessary, the intervisor provides new techniques or practises new behaviour.