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Behaviour towards the environment

A project manager finds himself in an area of tension between team and environment. Ideally, the team should hardly notice any tension in the environment, but this is not the case in practice. This is what makes project management so interesting for the experienced project manager, but for the less experienced project manager it is a challenge, one for which he needs to embrace the necessary skills.

Our behavioural training courses, which focus on the environment, are our answer to that need. These training courses are:

  • Leadership
  • Stakeholder management (and politics)
  • Conflicts and negotiations

In these training courses you develop the inner strength and skills to stand your ground in a turbulent and often politically loaded environment. We work with a combination of your strong points and insight into pitfalls and allergies, and we practice, practice again, and yet again.

Training: Leadership (One day)

If you want to come across more forcefully as project manager, this training will provide you with some handles. There is a distinction to be made between managing and leadership. You manage a team, but leadership, however, is a quality that you have, and display. It is a quality which, for that matter, is the basis for managing successfully, handling conflicts and negotiating with different stakeholders.

During this one-day training course we look at:

  • Personal qualities
  • Personal view on project management
  • The translation of it into real life
  • Working on trust
  • Working on agreement
  • Achieving your vision


This is yet another training which is directly linked to the practical situations of the participants, because it is their own vision that they develop, decide to achieve and will put across to their own project staff.

Training: Stakeholder Management (One day)

Politics and projects go hand in hand. If you want to be successful as a project manager, you will have to deal with the expectations of others, and, at the same time, achieve your own goal with the help of those others. You will learn this during this one-day practical training. The participants use an actual project as an example, and perform an extensive stakeholder analysis on it, under the supervision of one of our trainers.

They look at:

  • The different parties involved
  • The interests they represent
  • The power and influence they have and exercise
  • Their involvement
  • How the political network functions
  • How involvement can be influenced
  • The expressing of, and interventions on, resistance
  • Ethical politics

As the participants exercise with real projects, the results of this training translate directly into practice in the form of concrete handles, which they can immediately work with.

Training: Conflicts and Negotiations (Two days)

This two-day training is for project managers with some experience, who are aware that everything they have available to them belongs to someone else, and who have accepted that they have to negotiate about money, resources, and requirements.

This is a training in which you learn, in an appropriate and effective way, to use conflicts as a source of energy for your project, laying the foundation for better negotiations.

The following subjects are covered:

  • Personal qualities
  • Conflict styles
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Principle and positional negotiating

We exercise with situations that are input by the participants themselves, and which give them the opportunity to practice with different styles. The underlying principle of the training is to emphasise someone’s strong points, and to look for the ways to use these in the various different negotiations and conflicts they will have to deal with.