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Pragmatic Project Management

Our Pragmatic Project Management training courses are focussed on learning to apply techniques and behavioural skills efficiently and effectively. The effect of this style of project management is to ensure the necessary bureaucracy contributes to the success of the project, and that the behaviour of the project manager is inspiring and positive. In this style of training we ensure a strong link to the actual practical situations of the participants, and all exercises relate to examples provided by the participants themselves.

Currently, we only provide this as in-company training, and depending on the entry level of the participants there are various options. If they have not yet had any management training, our Consultancy is to start with Dhirata’s basic training, after which technique and behavioural training courses, which each address a specific aspect, can be followed.

All these training courses will be fully tailored, something we are obviously experienced in doing, and we can also integrate the client’s standards and procedures. If required, we can even develop a new module, as long as it is related to project management.

We offer the following options: