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IPMA Theory

The IPMA Theory Training (Five days)

In order to be considered for the IPMA D or a C certification, it is necessary to take a theory exam and pass it. In the preparation for this exam, you obtain a broad overview of all the theory relevant for project managers.

This is divided into three main areas:

Technique Behaviour Context
All important project management techniques for planning, controlling and successfully completing a project. All important management skills that are necessary to influence managers, team members and others involved. Input of project management and also a broad spectrum of business subjects.
Subjects Subjects Subjects
Project management successInterested parties

Project requirements & objectives

Risk and opportunity


Project organisation


Problem resolution

Project structures

Scope & deliverables

Time and & project phases


Cost & finance

Procurement & contract


Control & reports

Information & documentation




LeadershipEngagement & motivation






Results orientation




Conflicts & crisis


Values appreciation


Project organisationProgramme orientation

Portfolio orientation

PPP implementation

Permanent organisation


Systems, products & technology

Personnel management

Health, security, safety & environment



Our theory training consists of four days, which provide preparation for the D exams, with an extra fifth day for the participants who are going to take the C theory exam. It is training that covers the subjects at a fast pace, and as well as an extensive theory book, you also receive a comprehensive hand-out and many exercises, so that you can thoroughly prepare for the exam.

Apart from the certificate that you will ultimately receive, the broad knowledge of project management you gain during the training is much more important. The exam serves as an incentive, whereby you delve into the books and immerse yourself in the theory. When at a later stage, following certification, you are looking for a particular project management solution, this training and study ensures that you know where you can find these.

Follow-up steps

Once you have passed the theory exams, the following are the logical follow-up steps:

  • If you want to achieve a C, B or A certification, and have sufficient experience, you can make a start on the practical route. We can provide you with individual guidance on this, and in addition for the in-company variant, we also have the in-depth training
  • Should you not yet have sufficient experience, then you must be able to show such experience within two to three years of passing the exam. You can, of course, do this yourself, but we also have our in-company practical training courses, which can act as a stimulus.