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IPMA practice

This in-company training provides guidance to a group of about nine participants in managing their projects in such a way, that an IPMA certification can be achieved within two years. For this, the participants must first have passed the C theory exam and have had at least one year’s project management experience.

At the start of the project, we carry out an assessment of the way in which the participants currently manage their projects, and this assessment is based on the IPMA Competence Baseline. We then discuss and determine together, which subjects need extra attention, and where necessary we train participants in applying the theory to the practice.

The practical training consists of four to eight one-day sessions over a period of one to two years. During these sessions, the participants present their projects, and we put them through the mill in the same way that the IPMA assessors would do. They all learn from this, and choose to achieve specific improvement actions. At the end of this period, or possibly earlier, the participant can apply at the Cito organisation for the certification.

This training helps the participants (according to IPMA) to manage their projects competently. This has a direct effect on the success of the projects for which the participants are responsible and, in addition, when they have gained sufficient experience, the participants are just about ready for the IPMA assessment interview.

Follow-up steps

When, during this process, it becomes clear that you satisfy the criteria for the practical certification, then the most obvious follow-up step for an in-company project is the individual guidance.