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IPMA Training Courses

IPMA Education Programme

The IPMA certification is a robust individual certification in the field of project management. It is a challenging process for the project manager, in which he firstly has to study the complete project management theory, and furthermore has to submit himself to a critical self-reflection, which is completed with the judgement of two independent assessors. This is an in-depth experience which delivers a significant self-insight, and provides leads for further development.

Our IPMA training courses are based on the Individual Competence Baseline developed by the International Project Management Association. It describes 29 competence elements that a project manager has to master, and against which he can measure his competence. Since 2003, Dhirata has been giving these courses, which are a preparation for the certification.


There are four levels:

  • D: for junior project managers
  • C: for project managers with at least 3 years actual experience
  • B: for experienced project/programme managers with at least 5 years actual experience
  • A: for experienced programme or portfolio managers with at least 5 years actual experience

For the D, C and B levels, the candidates must take a theory exam, and for levels C, B and A there is also a practical test, in which the candidates have an assessment interview related to a specific project or programme.

When you want to prepare for the IPMA certification, Dhirata has a complete programme that, dependent on your experience, brings you to the desired level. In its most extensive form, you go through the following steps:

  1. Theory training
  2. Practical training
  3. Assessment preparation

The training courses are available in both the Dutch and English languages.

Tailored IPMA

We have developed the IPMA training courses in such a way that they can easily be adjusted to your needs. Although in principle the theory training courses are preparation for taking and passing the exams, it is very well possible that you will want to go a level deeper, by applying the theory to the practical situation. Together with you, we can draw up a list of which elements will provide added value for your organisation, and we then go into these more deeply and apply extra practical training and guidance. The IPMA certification then becomes the backbone of a far more extensive professionalisation project.