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Training courses are a specific form of providing Consultancy, and therefore Dhirata advises its customers on making projects within their organisation more successful. Providing this Consultancy ranges from acting as a sparring-partner for the project manager over his or her project, to advising on the best way of implementing project management processes.

Questions from our customers for which we can help in finding the right answers are, for example:

  1. Which is the best project management method for my organisation?
  2. How do I ensure that people work pragmatically with it?
  3. To what extent do our project managers use best practices?
  4. What is the status of a particular project? How can we improve it?
  5. How are our projects doing?
  6. How can I best ensure the projects are in line with the organisation’s strategy?

In providing our consultancy, we work on the assumption that the best advisers already work within the organisation itself, and therefore, we listen to their signals and we reflect these against the actual the actual developments related to projects.